No clue what I'm doing...

So again I'm starting a blog. Basically to have a place to host my planned podcast. But that's all I know at this point. I have some ideas floating around my head but here are the things that I actually don't know at this point.


It will be technology and media related. Internet, movies, games, gadgets... I don't know. That's just the sort of stuff that I know stuff about. However, I am not talking news here, but more the meta talk about these topics. On the other hand I also don't want endless ramblings but more substantial conversations and discussions.

Either way, topic-wise I want to keep this rather open and see how it develops. It's more a playground for me than anything else.

Language (sorry for my English!)

My native language is Austrian which is not really a specific language but a German dialect. This means that parts of the German population have big difficulties understanding me. I could speak proper German but I wouldn't feel as comfortable doing so.

So I'm thinking about doing the podcast in English. I'm not a native speaker but have lived in English speaking countries (USA, Britain, and Australia) for over two years. I probably have a mix of an accent so usually native English speakers ask me from which of the other English language countries I'm from. The problem with English is that it's harder to find people for interviews close-by. Maybe not a big deal...

Right now I'm actually thinking to mix it up a little and have English and German episodes. I guess that most listeners will be German speaking but understand the English anyway. We will see how this develops as well.


As mentioned this blog should be more a place to put my stuff than anything else. So I want it to be as easy and hassle free as possible. However, with my engineering background I still want something that's technologically sound and gives me enough freedom to tinker with if I ever want to.

I'll probably start out using Squarespace as it's really easy to get something up and running. It seems to offer everything I need while at the same time limiting my choices. For now that's a good thing. With too many options - as I would have with something like Wordpress - I just get pulled into lots of research, trying out plugins and reading blogs about what to use and how to do things. Not to mention a million themes from which to choose from.

So in conclusion my first blog post was already very helpful. I actually just started typing to try Squarespace' blog feature and now I'm sticking with it. So at least one point is taken care of.